by ABC Weapons

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released May 31, 2013




ABC Weapons Melbourne, Australia

Excessum is still unreleased in physical form. Anyone interested in releasing it pls get in touch via this site

ABC Weapons were:

Bart: Vox
Yeap: guitar
Timmy: drums
Noodle: bass
Ramez: guitar
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Track Name: a night sky
A night sky

We look to the east
Saw the sun rise through blackened skies
We grow as barren
As the landscapes we create
We die inside to ensure the facade remains
Survival mechanics to a rueful existence

The sky turns to night
Still the air smells of blood
Forever cast in shadow
As the last constellation dies
We feast on delusion
Emersion in ruin
As the death bells toll
Let them toll for us
Track Name: blood letting
Blood Letting

Lies fed as the only sustenance
Watch the bitterness filter through
Down into the chasm
Between every hallucination

Every fevered dream of existence
It went beyond incarceration
When the walls we built
Seem to be all that sustain
All that sustains

[spoken part]

Darkness became eternal

When my own behaviour was
The source of my imprisonment
We make slaves
And we make kings
Separated solely by our indifference
Track Name: tyrant lord
Tyrant Lord

Ave the tyrant lord
He who rules by the sword
The omnipotent father
The compassionless fraud

The faith of violence
On sanctified hate
The doctrine of the homophobe
The sermons of rage
Their hearts are blackened
On their papal thrones
Their empire of murder
The collector of souls

Build the pyres high
Set a flame to the Christian right
Here’s your right to life
Burnt by the flames of the Christ
Track Name: idolatry

These days are dressed in twilight
we lie in the moment between conception and action
waiting for a second a break in the continuum

This is what I see
A fraction of vision
As we clutch to the remnants
Of your broken icons

We stalk in terror
To stay human
Like the darkest tides
We can’t be held back
Track Name: carcinogen

This is war without end
Annihilation the only goal
One by one till all the consumed
Watch your life exhale
Institutional stupidity
Generations so deadened to believe
the shit we’ve been fed

Carcinogenic humanity

This is war without end
Assimilation the only goal
Complicit in our resignation
We hock our lives when the profit is death
Track Name: encaged

The longing for something
Something to grasp with our hands
As it burns our mind into submission
We relinquish what power we have


Turn our face to this cold dawn
And look to a future still born
The tide turns - the reek of death
And silence still blankets this land


The clock is slowing
The last breath is finally exhaled
None will rise from these ashes
A cold death / life remains
Track Name: consequence

Away like dust
Forever lost
To the indifference of the mind
Surrender this
To lessons learnt
Another failed experiment
To never be repeated

We grow so numb
So indifferent to our surroundings
We grow so numb
As a consequence of life
We grow so numb
So powerless to resist

What will be said
Of these days when time has died
For we who did nothing
How we be absolved

A cold sweat
Grips me by the throat
I hide in the shadows of privilege
And wait as the last bombs fall
Possession; becomes my tomb
In life so very fitful
These hands have seen so much blood